Best MRI Center in Udaipur

Arth Diagnostics center has installed the best and the most advanced MRI in Udaipur ,Rajasthan. Research says that most of the patients undergoing MRI feel anxiety and fear because of the poor experience. Stressed patients have difficulty in cooperation and following the instructions, hence it affects the diagnosis process and also the image quality. Now, at Arth Diagnostics  MRI experience can be gratifying and enlightening. Arth has introduced advanced 3D, Digital, and Silent MRI, for the first time in Udaipur, Rajasthan. It will bring a big revolution in medical diagnosis.

Our Speciality

MRI (Magnetic Resource Imaging) scan helps to diagnose various problems. It is a way to get detailed and clear images of organs and tissues. It helps to detect internal injury, disease, and also abnormal conditions in the body. Our 3D MRI machine can do whole-body MRI and also the MRI of specific body parts like the knee, brain, spine, breast, shoulder, abdomen, pelvis, ankle, etc.

Previously, a whole-body MRI was not possible in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Now that the advanced technique is available, patients will not have to move to metro cities for this advanced MRI. This facility makes it the best MRI center in Udaipur.

In the MRI process, the state of the mind of the patient should be calm and in a neutral state. For children and people who are frightened by the MRI process, their motion affects the diagnosis process. The situation may result in repetitive scans, which is problematic for both the patient and the doctor. An MRI is also not comfortable for people who have claustrophobia or feel suffocated in a closed place.

In Arth, the advanced MRI machine is equipped with inborn technology (virtual reality and music). Patients can get the desired atmosphere through virtual reality and feel comfortable, as many visual themes are available.. In the MRI process, a patient has to spend approximately 15 minutes to 1 hour depending upon the scan type. In this modern MRI, patients can spend a good time. Patients can see videos according to their interests. Children can see cartoons and get an engaging MRI experience. It is very comfortable for people.

Moreover, patients get an excellent quality image with an engaging environment and an awesome experience. We have qualified and trained radiologists and a technical team with many years of experience. The ambient MRI experience with the best quality makes Arth Diagnostics the best MRI center in Udaipur.

MRI with Cartoon for Children

MRI with Cartoon for Children

Best MRI center in Udaipur

3D, Digital & Silent MRI

MRI with Virtual Reality and Music

MRI with Virtual Reality & Music

Special Features of Our MRI

  • 3D Image Acquisition
  • Virtual Reality, the patient can select video themes.
  • Reduced noise, up to 80 percent noise reduction
  • Engaging environment
  • No suffocation
  • Comfortable guidance
  • Superb quality image

Our Services

Whole-body MRI

  • 3D Brain Imaging
  • 3D Joint Imaging
  • 3D Breast Scan
  • 3D Spine Imaging
  • 3D Abdomen Imaging
  • 3D Pelvis Imaging
  • Internal organs scan like prostate gland or womb
  • 3D Liver Imaging, etc.

We provide 24 X 7 service. For an appointment, please call us on 9772208886 and 7725992990.

3D Joint Scan at Arth Diagnostics
3D Spine Scan at Arth Diagnostics
Whole Body MRI at Arth Diagnostics
3D Breast Scan at Arth Diagnostics
3D Brain Scan at Arth Diagnostics
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