CT scan uses sophisticated X ray technology. It produces high dimension images of internal organs, bones, and blood vessels. It is a fast, accurate, and painless process. In emergency cases like an accident when the body has an internal injury, a CT  is a lifesaver. It provides information in detail. Arth Diagnostics center is a well known diagnostic and radiology center in Rajasthan. It has an advanced CT scan machine that produces high-quality 3D images. It can be used for the examination of any body part. At Arth, expert radiologists will supervise the CT scan process and interpret the result.

CT scan provides greater details than traditional X rays. It quickly produces multiple images of the body’s organs, a cross-sectional view that guides the treatment process. CT helps to easily diagnose problems in cases of trauma, infectious disease, cancer, etc. The CT report assists in surgeries by accurately guiding the exact location of the tumor or injury.

Benefits of CT Scan Process

Benefits of CT Scan Process

  • Detect bone disorders
  • Diagnose the blood clot or tumor. It is the best method to confirm a cancer tumor, It measures the size of the tumor, Its exact location, and also the involvement with other tissues.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the cancer treatment
  • Detect an internal injury or internal bleeding
  • Detect any abnormalities in the body.
  • Provide Guidance for surgery
  • Guide in radiation therapy

Things to Remember before Going for CT Scan Process, Inform Your Doctor If:

  • There is a possibility you are pregnant
  • Information about your recent illness and medical condition
  • Information about the history of diseases
  • If you are taking medicines
  • If you have certain allergies

The information is important to prevent problems or complications in the CT process.


  • You will be instructed not to drink or eat anything for a few hours before going for a contrast CT scan.
  • Remove metal objects, jewelry, eyeglasses, hairpins, etc.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes, you may need to wear a gown during the procedure.
  • You should follow the instructions given by the radiographer.

Sometimes, a follow up CT Scan may be need. Doctors recommend follow up tests to check the effectiveness of the treatment or development of abnormalities in the body like the growth of tumors.

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