Pathology Services in Udaipur

Pathology services are very important in medical treatment because a doctor cannot give treatment until a person is diagnosed with the exact cause of disease. The pathology branch of medical science detects the root causes of disease and also tracks its progression correctly.

There are different areas of specialization in pathology such as hematology, clinical pathology, microbiology, histopathology, etc which are required to detect various diseases. Chemical pathology is the study of chemicals in the blood sample. Hematology stream deals with finding disorders in the blood. Microbiology means the study of infection in the blood, and histopathology implies a study of human tissue.

Understand the Need of Pathology Services

Doctors recommend pathology tests to find the exact cause of the ailment. Early detection of disorders helps to find potential health risks and also helps to start treatment early. Some critical diseases such as cancer, genetic disorders, Tuberculosis, allergy, etc, can be identified at the initial stage. It prevents a lot of problems including expenses on treatment too.

People who have a family history of diseases such as diabetes, tuberculosis, and allergy tests must go for important pathology tests. You can check if you are a health risk of a particular disease. For instance, when you regularly monitor your cholesterol level, you can get to know if you are at the risk of heart disease. The blood sugar level in the body, when checked in regular frequency, can help you to know if you are prediabetic.  The results of pathology tests are important to take preventive actions.

Sample Collection and Testing

In the Diagnostic laboratory, a sample is collected by a phlebotomist, and the sample is labeled with the patient name and pathology test to be performed. Sample labeling ensures that the sample is not mixed up with other samples.

A pathologist analysis of the given sample to detect the disease you are suffering from. Moreover, in the current technology savvy world, advanced medical equipment is also available to perform pathology tests that produce accurate results.

Some pathology test results arrive in only a few hours and some test results might take 1-2 days. In some cases, the sample is kept in controlled conditions to analyze bacteria growth. Hence patients have to wait for 3 to 4 days for results. Few tests are not performed in all laboratories because the tests need specialized equipment.

Treatment of Diseases

In old times, the diagnosis of many diseases was difficult but now with the availability of advanced diagnostic equipment, the problem has been solved. The detail report of pathology tests helps a doctor to identify the exact cause of the disease. A doctor can know how critical the disease is by only seeing the pathology test results.

In a few cases, to determine if the given treatment is right a doctor recommends the tests to be performed every month. If the patient’s condition is improved that means the treatment is right. On the other side, if the condition is worsened that means there is a need for modification in treatment.

Hence the results of the test must be accurate. Test quality must not be compromised at any cost. Whether, it is a simple blood test, X-Ray, ultrasound or another diagnostic test, the role of high quality diagnostic and pathology services is highly crucial. Hence, you should choose the right diagnostic center to get accurate test results.

Moreover, regular health checkup is also important to prevent diseases. For Senior citizens, a complete body test twice in a year is recommended. For a healthy individual also, it is important to go for full body tests once a year. To know the importance of regular health check-up, check this blog:

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