Nowadays, diabetes has become the most common and serious ailment.  If left untreated, this may increase the risk of other health complications such as health attack, kidney damage, reduced eye vision, nerve damage, high blood pressure, etc. Diabetes complications are preventable if diagnosed early. Hence, a Diabetes test is an effective preventive method to know about the development of this disease at an early stage. Let us understand how can you can fight with this disease by the diabetes screening test. First, take a complete look at diabetes.

Cause of Diabetes

Diabetes occurs because of imbalanced insulin in the body. The most common contributing factors of diabetes are smoking, excessive intake of alcohol, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, overweight, genetic factors, etc.

Complications of Diabetes

In Diabetes, the blood sugar level in the body get raised, due to this, a person feels physical weakness. Diabetes also affects the functioning of vital body organs from your eye to feet.  With diabetes, our body reduces its ability to self-healing. This puts the patient at risk of infection and other health complications. It also weakens the immunity of the body. A person easily gets affected by diseases. It can cause Kidney Failure, Eye Damage, Cardiovascular disease, Nerve damage, etc.  These complications can be prevented by early diagnosis through diabetes test and implementing precautions.

Precaution of Diabetes

A person who has a family history of diabetes should be more cautious. But even though you have a family history of diabetes you can do many things to lower your risk. It is very important to pay attention to what you eat. If you have a family history of diabetes then you should reduce the intake of soft drinks, sweets, cakes, chocolates, artificial juices, desserts, soda, certain fruits and so on. Still, regular diabetes test is needed to control blood sugar level. Moreover, you should exercise daily to maintain a healthy weight.

When Should You Go for Diabetes Test?

The diabetes screening test is very critical for diabetes care. These are some common symptoms that show that you may be suffering from this disease.

A diabetes screening test is advisable if you have any of the symptoms. However, some people do not come to know about diabetes until they go for diabetes check-up. Hence, it is recommended that you should go for a diabetes test every three months when newly diagnosed and when it gets stabled you can plan diabetes test every six months. After 35 years of age, a person with no diabetes history should also go for a diabetes screening test. With diabetes check-up, you should also get your blood pressure, cholesterol and kidney function checked regularly to keep an eye on the body’s health.

How Does Diabetes Screening Test Help You?

A result of diabetes tests can help you to seek further medical advice from medical professionals. If the result comes within the prediabetes range then you should go for a diabetes test every year. It can help you to plan diabetes controlling activities.

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