Sonography or ultrasound ultrasonography or color doppler ultrasound test is a diagnostic technique for generating images by applying sound waves on the internal organs. The images show the structure of internal organs which can be further used for examination and assessment of medical conditions accordingly. Hence, in the current medical world, the best sonography equipment is available that provide effective results.

Basics of Ultrasound Sonography

To know about the procedure of sonography, first knowledge about ultrasounds is particularly essential. Ultrasounds are sound waves that have higher frequencies than humanly audible sounds.

The pulses of these ultrasounds are sent into the body using a probe which creates different types of images of a particular organ.

Ultrasound - Best Sonography



Medical ultrasound sonography helps to diagnose the infection, swelling, etc of the internal organs, to study the growth of a baby and flow of blood in an unborn (fetus) in pregnant women, and to examine the medical condition of the brain and hips in children. It also helps to provide guidance in biopsies, diagnose medical conditions of the heart, and assess damage after a heart attack. The color doppler tests help to investigate the blood flow through arteries and veins throughout the body.


Along with two-dimensional ultrasound scans, Arth Diagnostics also has the facility of 3D and 4D sonography tests. Patients can get the best sonography results through these facilities. Pregnancy sonography in 2D sees right through the fetus so the image appears gray with a blurred outline. In a 2D scan, the internal organs of the baby appear on the image.

A 3D sonography shows the still images of the baby in three dimensions. In 4D sonography, moving 3D images of the baby can be shown considering time as the fourth dimension. With the help of 3D and 4D sonography tests, even the baby’s skin can be viewed. The shape of a baby’s fingers, nose, mouth, etc, and the small movements such as yawning, etc can also be viewed in 3D and 4D scans. 4 D sonography is the best sonography method of all. 3D and 4D sonography tests are available at Arth Diagnostics.

Tests Offered

Arth Diagnostics offers a list of Sonography tests such as

Ultrasound Best Sonography Test

Ultrasound Sonography Test

Preparations for the Best Sonography Tests

The preparation for the ultrasound sonography will depend on the type of scan the patient will have. For some scans, the doctor may instruct the patients not to eat or drink for a couple of hours before his/her appointment. For some scans, the patients have to drink up to six glasses of water one or two hours prior to the test and avoid urinating so that/her bladder is full before starting the scan. To get the best sonography results the patient should go to the centers where all the modern equipment are available.

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