Kidney Function Test in Udaipur, Renal Function Test in Udaipur

Renal function assays using simple blood or urine procedures are necessary to comprehend kidney health. They assess many aspects of kidney function in order to detect potential issues. One type looks for protein leaks in the urine, while another evaluates how well the kidneys filter waste.

Doctors may offer these tests if kidney abnormalities are suspected; nevertheless, routine testing is good for all patients. These tests are critical for detecting abnormalities early on and allowing for rapid intervention to prevent further difficulties. 

Regular kidney function monitoring enables evaluation of organ function and prompt intervention if problems arise. It is a health-promoting strategy. Kidney function test in Udaipur is an important part of preventive healthcare management for everyone, regardless of age.

The Types & Process of Kidney Function Test at Arth Diagnostics

Here’s a step-by-step process for the entire Kidney Function Test (KFT):

  • Urinalysis: At Arth Diagnostics, we perform a crucial test known as a urinalysis, which involves examining your urine for blood and protein. This aids in the detection of renal problems. Urine protein levels can occasionally rise as a result of intense exercise or illnesses. We may request a 24-hour urine sample in order to obtain precise results and assess how well your kidneys remove waste.
  • Serum Creatinine Test: We also provide the Serum Creatinine Test. This easy blood test allows us to assess how well your kidneys are filtering waste. We utilize established ranges to evaluate your kidney function, and elevated creatinine levels in your blood may be a sign of renal problems.
  • Estimated GFR: We utilize an assessment called the Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) to determine how successfully your kidneys remove waste. We may assess kidney efficiency by taking into account variables such as age, gender, race, height, and creatinine levels. Your result may point to a serious kidney problem and possible treatment options if it is less than 60 milliliters/minute/1.73m2.
  • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN): Our Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) test aids in the detection of waste materials in your blood. This includes detecting urea nitrogen, a protein breakdown product. Elevated BUN levels over the normal range of 7-20 mg/dl may indicate a problem, but it’s important to understand that some drugs can also alter BUN levels. Regular monitoring of these tests contributes to overall kidney health.

Common Concerns and Misconceptions Regarding the Test

There are some common concerns and misconceptions regarding the test in people’s minds. Let’s clear them below:

Fear of Needles

  • Concern: A standard component of blood tests is the fear of needles, due to which persistent anxiety or fear arises.
  • Fact: The needle used for drawing blood for a renal function test in Udaipur is tiny and won’t cause discomfort. A skilled healthcare provider would ensure a swift procedure.

Anxiety about Results

  • Concern: Most people need more favourable results about the diagnosis.
  • Fact: Prevention is better than cure. It would be better to diagnose any persisting kidney issue before it gets too late.

Time-Consuming Procedure

  • Concern: Some people fear that undergoing the KFT procedure would be time-consuming.
  • Fact: In reality, the process of KFT is rapid and smooth and takes just a few minutes.

Advantages of Regularly Monitoring Kidney Function

Here are some of the critical pointers highlighting the benefits of regularly monitoring kidney function:

  • Regularly undertaking KFT would help identify any potential kidney issues early before the symptoms start to worsen.
  • Kidney health is often linked with cardiovascular health. Hence, timely management of kidney health would also safeguard any impact on cardiovascular health.
  • People who are suffering from chronic health conditions such as hypertension or diabetes must regularly monitor their kidney health.
  • Timely detection of any issues with the kidney’s health would result in the reduction of kidney failure.
  • Improved kidney health would contribute to an improved quality of life.

How do you schedule your KFT at Arth Diagnostics?

For residents living in Udaipur, scheduling a kidney function test in Udaipur is easy. You can schedule your appointment at Arth Diagnostic Center for KFT services. Contact us now!


Prioritising kidney health through regular KFTs at Arth Diagnostic Center is a proactive step toward maintaining overall health. The process of KFT is quite simple and even prevents any disease progression, which helps improve overall health and well-being. Going through regular KFT would enhance an individual’s quality of life.

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