Top Pathology Lab in Rajasthan

Top Pathology Lab in Rajasthan

Arth Diagnostics center is a leading brand in diagnostic testing and pathology services in Rajasthan. It is the first NABH accredited laboratory in South Rajasthan. The center has qualified and expert pathologists along with advanced diagnostic devices for pathology tests. Arth focuses to provide the best diagnostic services through continuous improvement according to medical standards. These efforts have made Arth diagnostics the top pathology lab in Rajasthan. Arth has earned a good reputation for its best quality, excellence, and leadership brand.

Best Pathology Services in Arth Diagnostics

Pathology is a medical specialty that helps to detect the cause and effect of the disease by examining the body’s fluids and tissues (Biopsy). Pathology tests range from simple tests like blood glucose tests to highly specialized ones like tests for infectious disease, hormonal assay, molecular diagnosis, auto-immune diseases, etc. It helps the treating doctor to understand what is happening in the body and why it is happening.

Arth has specialized departments for pathology services. Expert and trained team of pathologists, technicians, computer experts, and phlebotomists are working to provide fast, accurate, and reliable results. Arth is constantly maintaining its position as the top pathology lab in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The government of Rajasthan Health Ministry also gave the award “Top Diagnostics Center in Quality and Patient services in Rajasthan” to Arth Diagnostics.

Importance of Pathology Examination

  • Pathology testing is very important in treatment. 70 percent of medical decisions mainly depend upon pathology.
  • It helps to prevent unnecessary delays in selecting treatment protocols.
  • Pathology testing also helps to know the efficiency of the treatment and the improvement in the patient’s condition.
  • It helps to understand the cause, structural changes in cells, and the consequences of the changes.
  • Pathology testing also helps to diagnose allergies, infection, chronic diseases, and countless medical conditions at an early stage.

Pathology Services Arth Offers:

Histopathology in Udaipur
Biochemistry in Udaipur
Microbiology in Udaipur

Clinical Pathology: 

It includes the study of urine, stool, sputum, semen, IUI and body fluids examination.


The department deals with blood testing. It includes tests like complete blood count, ESR, blood group, etc.


The department deals with the study of the abnormal body tissue through biopsy.


It includes the study of fine-needle aspiration sample from various sites in body, USG guided and CT guided FNAC, along with various fluids and PAP SMEAR examination.


The department detects the level of substances in the blood. It includes tests like blood sugar, lipid profile, kidney profile, liver profile, mineral profile, etc.


The department examines the bacteria and fungi in blood, fluids, body tissues, their culture and antimicrobial sensitivity.


The study of antibodies in the blood.

Immunology or Immunopathology:

It includes the study of immune system disorders. It includes tests like thyroid profile, parathyroid hormone, pituitary hormone, sex hormone, tumour marker, cardiac marker, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, and other hormonal studies.

Molecular Biology:

The study and examination of small molecules in the body’s tissues, fluid and blood. Early and the most accurate diagnosis is possible in molecular testing. It is mainly helpful to diagnose accurately cancer cells and infectious diseases. All these pathology services under one roof make Arth Diagnostics the top pathology lab in Rajasthan.

Home Sample Collection at Arth Diagnostics

Home Sample Collection Facility at Arth Diagnostics

Arth diagnostics center also offers home sample collection service. For many people, it is not possible to spend time in the laboratory because of a busy work schedule. People can also give a sample at home. An experienced and qualified phlebotomist will come to your doorstep and collect the sample. You can give a sample as per your convenience. By this, you can easily maintain your health as well as the health of your family. You can also go for a routine general health check-up to prevent diseases. If you have a family history of disease then you should be extra careful about your health. Arth also provides full body health check-up package. We have also web reporting and SMS reporting services available. You can easily access your reports at home. For home sample collection facility please call at our customer care number 7725992990 and 8107753342.