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Knee Ligament Injury

Damage to one or more of the ligaments that support the knee joint is referred to as a knee ligament injury. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), medial collateral ligament (MCL), or lateral collateral ligament (LCL) are frequently injured in these accidents. Accidents, sports, or physical activities frequently involve abrupt twisting or impact, which are considered some of the causes of knee ligament injuries. Pain, edema, instability, and a restricted range of motion are possible symptoms. Treatment options might include rest, rehabilitation, or surgery, depending on the severity. For people to be able to continue their usual activities and involvement in sports, proper care and rehabilitation are essential for regaining knee function and lowering discomfort.

Symptoms of Knee Ligament Injuries

Here are some symptoms of knee ligament injuries:

Cruciate Injury

Damage to the cruciate ligament frequently hurts. Often, when the damage occurs, you can hear a popping sound. When you try to stand on it, it gives way. Moreover, the knee expands. Additionally, you are unable to move your knee normally. Additionally, you can experience joint aches and walking pain. The signs of cruciate ligament damage might resemble those of other illnesses. For a diagnosis, consult your healthcare practitioner at all times.

Secondary Ligament Injury

Collateral ligament damage can also result in the knee popping and buckling. Swelling and discomfort are possible side effects. You will frequently have knee side discomfort and edema where the damage occurred. The inner part of the knee will hurt if the MCL is injured. On the outer side of the knee, discomfort from an LCL injury is possible. Additionally, the knee will feel shaky and as though it could give way.

knee ligament injuries

Diagnosis of Knee Ligament Injuries

Your healthcare practitioner will conduct a physical examination and request your medical history. You could additionally require one or more of the following tests:

X-ray: Instead of ligament damage, this imaging test can rule out a bone injury. It creates pictures of inside organs, bones, and tissues on film using energy beams. Choose Arth Diagnostic Center as your go-to X-ray center in Udaipur.

MRI: In this exam, enormous magnets, radio waves, and computers are used to create precise pictures of the body’s organs and architecture. It frequently detects injury or illness in the bones as well as any nearby ligaments, tendons, or muscles. Get this test done at Arth Diagnostic Center, which is also regarded as the best MRI center in Udaipur.

Arthroscopy: This process is used to identify and address joint issues. The medical professional inserts a tiny, illuminated tube (an arthroscope) through a tiny cut (incision) into the joint. A screen displays pictures of the joint’s inside. The treatment may evaluate joint issues, identify cancers and disorders of the bones, and determine what is causing bone pain and inflammation.

Testing & Analyzing at Arth Diagnostic Center

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