Viral Fever is Dangerous

Winter season has knocked on the door. The season has its pleasure on one side it provides relief from harsh heat waves and on the other side, it invites viral and bacterial infections. Many types of diseases developed at this time and viral fever is the most common in winter. It influences children and old persons easily because of their low immunity. Viral fever is contagious; it can be spread rapidly from one to another through a sneeze, yawn, and cough or even by staying close to the person who is affected by viral fever. In a family, if one person gets affected by viral fever then other family members also have high chances of getting a fever. It can be identified easily, there are some common symptoms such as chills, sweating, running nose, soreness in the throat, headache, body pain, weakness and loss of appetite.

Viral fever should be taken lightly. A normal viral fever can be dangerous if not treated on time. A common misconception regarding fever is that bath with cold water is effective however it has an adverse effect on the body. If you have a fever for longer than three days then instead of relying on home treatment you should seek medical attention because the negligence can cause many life-threatening diseases like dengue, typhoid, pneumonia, etc. Hence, you should be extra careful in the winter season and protect yourself and your family from diseases.

Precaution in Viral Fever

Medical attention is important in viral fever to prevent harmful consequences. But still, you have to take some precautions at your level. If you or anyone nears you suffering from fever then the person should apply these precautions.

  • Wash hands frequently and also use hand sanitizer or anti-bacterial soaps to prevent bacterial infections.
  • Eat home-cooked food and avoid food from outside.
  • Bath with Lukewarm in fever.
  • Drink more fluids because in fever due to sweating the body has a fluid loss. Hot drinks like lemon water, ginger tea, green tea, soups, etc., are helpful relief.
  • Avoid sharing food and drinks with the affected person.
  • In fever, the body works hard to fight off the bacteria hence proper rest is required.
  • People with weak immunity are prone to viral fever. Hence boost your immunity.
  • Many times people start consuming medicines from their minds. However, they may have adverse effects on our body including liver damage, gas, and acidity and so on.

 What Tests You should Go for Viral Fever?

The symptoms of viral fever are similar to many diseases hence to diagnose the disease correctly, you must visit the doctor. The doctor detects the disease based on test results. A doctor can recommend the following tests.

  • Blood test
  • Urine test
  • X-Ray – based on medical history
  • Physical examination

At Arth Diagnostics, all the tests for viral fever are available at affordable prices. A doctor recommends the treatment after analyzing the test results. To get the right treatment at the right time you should visit the doctor earlier.

To Sum Up

If a fever is not improving even after 3 to 4 days then instead of googling the methods to get rid of the viral fever you should immediately consult a doctor and get proper treatment.

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